What we do

We create photocopies FAST and EFFECTIVE

Our speed and efficiency enables us to create photocopies of large physical facilities with minimal interference to daily operation. 

​Empowering our partners with the flexibility a photocopy provide. 

We aim to provide the advantages of digitalization while minimizing the challenges of change. Our photocopies are easy to create, impliment and use.


Easy to create

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Easy to impliment

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Easy to use

We can scan the area without interfering with daily operation. If we can walk the space we can copy it. We can scan as fast as needed - 2.500 square metres per hour per person.

The digital twin can be used within your normal tools and programs from day 1. It's a stand alone solution that impliments with all systems accross all platforms.

Its intuitive to use the digital twin. The navigation is simply point and click. The experience is visual and the feedback is instant.


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